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Electrolyte Powder

Replenish fluids naturally after an illness or exercise with our natural electrolyte powder made from three simple ingredients. Simply add the powder to your favorite drink for an electrolyte drink that’s easy on sensitive stomachs and completely natural.

Staying truly hydrated is not as simple as drinking more water. Your cells need salt and glucose to encourage them to hydrate with water! That’s why Earthley combined himalayan pink salt, maple sugar, and cream of tartar to make our Electrolyte Powder naturally hydrating and satisfying for your body! Drink year round to encourage hydration and up your intake during hot summer months!

Electrolyte Powder

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  • Add 1 tsp. to an 8-oz. drink of your choice.


    Suggested recipe:

    4 oz. water

    4 oz. fresh orange juice

    1 tsp. Electrolyte Powder



    7 oz. water

    Juice of 1 lemon (about 2 tbsp)

    1 tsp. Electrolyte Powder

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