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Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea

You are gorgeous, you are radiant, you are pregnant. Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea is for you. Whether you have just a hint of a bump or you are ready for labor, Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea has a special blend of herbs made to support your body throughout your pregnancy.* This blend is full of a variety of herbs and essential nutrients that help support a healthy pregnancy and prepare your womb for childbirth.* Pair this with Mama Bear Prenatal for even better results.

Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea

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  • Ginger (Rhizome), Wheat Grass (Leaf), Red Raspberry (Leaf), Peppermint (Leaf), Nettle (Leaf), and Alfalfa (Leaf).


  • To make tea, use one teaspoon of herb blend per one cup of water. May drink warm or make a quart in the morning, place in the refrigerator and enjoy ice tea throughout the day.


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