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The Green Family Goes to Homeschool Co-op

In the third book of the Green Family series, The Green Family Goes to Co-op, it is a rainy day, but that doesn’t keep the Green family cooped up inside. The Green family is not going to let a little rain stop them from enjoying their favorite day of the week – homeschool co-op day! This story shines some light on how homeschool co-ops bring communities together for learning and fun. So, come join Axel, Violet, River, and little Soleil as they enjoy their day at co-op with Mama and Papa.


Sneak peek of the story:

“‘Let’s get started!’ Mrs. Shannon clapped her hands. ‘Welcome to messy science! In this class, we’re going to do a new project or experiment every week. We will get messy!’”

“Before long, co-op was over. ‘Come on,’ Mama said. ‘It’s time to go home!’ All the children waved good-bye to their new friends – and Violet hugged Arielle – before they piled back into their car to head home for rest and family homeschool time. ‘ Homeschool co-op is my favorite day!’ River declared. ‘We get to learn all the coolest things!’ Mama smiled. ‘I bet you can’t wait to go back next week!’”

The Green Family Goes to Homeschool Co-op

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