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Thyroid Support

Earthley formulated a Thyroid Support tincture to promote a healthy thyroid, promote healthy brain function and overall wellness! Improve the symptoms of a sluggish thyroid while supporting your entire body!


If you have a sluggish thyroid, you may need some extra support! Sluggish thyroids can lead to fatigue, weight gain, feelings of sluggishness/slow movements, and feeling sensitive to cold. You probably don’t feel like yourself! That’s why Earthley created Thyroid Support – to help get you unstuck from the muck and mire of sluggishness that comes from a slow thyroid. Get back to having energy and overall feeling better!

Thyroid Support

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  • Ashwagandha*

    Milk thistle*

    Amla berry*

    Licorice root*

    Brahmi leaf*

    Vegetable glycerin*

    Filtered water

    *Certified organic ingredients

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