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Vaccine Detox Herbal Extract

Vaccine Detox is an herbal tincture that helps to restore wellness post-vaccination by supporting gut health. Six herbs combine to help heal leaky gut, support liver health, and boost the immune system, while chlorella powder removes heavy metals from the body. Whether you have taken a vaccine recently or in the past, had a vaccine injury, or are simply looking to detox from the toxins around you, this tincture is for you!



• Supports the liver and elimination pathways

• Supports the immune system

• Helps bind to and remove heavy metals

Vaccine Detox Herbal Extract

  • Oregon grape root*

    Yellow dock root*

    Astragalus root*

    Marshmallow root*

    Dandelion root*


    Chlorella powder* (grown without chemicals)

    Vegetable glycerin*

    Cane alcohol*

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