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Women's Hormonal Help (Life Stage 2)

Whether you are looking to get pregnant or just maintain your normal cycle, Women's Hormonal Help- Life Stage 2 can help!* Specially formulated for women in their child-bearing years, this formula may help with maintaining a regular cycle, a healthy attitude during PMS and occasional menstrual cramps.*

Women's Hormonal Help (Life Stage 2)

  • Wild Yam (Root), Chaste Tree Berries (Berry), Angelica (Root), Dong Quai (Root), Black Cohosh (Root), Ginseng Powder (Root), Licorice (Root), Damiana (Leaf), Squaw Vine (Whole Herb(excluding roots)), Red Raspberry (Leaf), Blessed Thistle (Leaf, Flower)

  • 2 capsules, 3x a day for 2 weeks. Then 3 capsules, 3x a day as desired.

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